Why mathematics? Hardy has an elaborate answer here . They say universe is mostly empty. They also say universe is full of turbulence. Human life is perhaps a reflection of both cosmic loneliness and turbulence. For me, mathematics is an excursion away from the dance of these two forces.

The content of this blog is ‘mathematical’ in nature (though all of it is not ‘mathematics’ per se). I occasionally post problems, discussions, book lists, teaching notes and more.

Apart from mathematics, I am also interested in writing (in Bengali), photo/videography and road trips. My other blog contains some of those reflections.

at the furthest tip of rural India… Math Olympiad workshop.

Ashani Dasgupta
PhD in Mathematics from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Math Olympiad Coach and Topology Group Research Advisor at Cheenta Academy, Kolkata, India

Email: ashanidasgupta at cheenta dot com


22 Lake Place Road, Second Floor, Kolkata 700029,
West Bengal, India

Research Interest

Geometric Group Theory, Low dimensional topology


Research advisor in Geometric Group Theory group at Cheenta Academy