Me? A direct sum đŸ™‚

Mathematics (geometry, geometric group theory) \( \oplus \) Bengali (literature, cinema, cuisine, flora, fauna) \( \oplus \) Road trips (in India and possibly other non-standard spaces) \( \oplus \) Entrepreneurial adventures (in education services) \( \oplus \) Calcutta (oh! Calcutta).


I have had four outstanding teachers (in mathematics):

  1. Dr. Swadhin Pattanayak (that one afternoon on Heine Borel Theorem in first year, IoMA, Bhubaneshwar)
  2. Mr. Amartya Mukherjee (those graphic minutes of moving sine curves; high school days in Calcutta)
  3. Dr. Chris Hruska (lie bracket and parallel parking; in University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)
  4. Dr. Prabir Dasgupta (my father; who let points move smoothly when I was child).


I am presently (October 2018), associated with three organizations.

  • Cheenta
    • Cheenta is a training center for Math Olympiad, I.S.I, C.M.I. Entrance and College Mathematics. I founded it in 2010, August. Presently, we have a team of 24 faculty members and admins, and 140 students (from over 5 countries).
    • Cheenta has an office (cum laboratory/library) in Calcutta.
    • Website of Cheenta
  • Center for Cultivation of Mathematical Science
    • CCMS is a Calcutta, India-based non-profit organization. It cohosts Cheenta’s library on Mathematical Science and Laboratory in Calcutta. It also works with rural schools to conduct mathematics training camps and contests.
    • Website of CCMS
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    • UWM is an American university, located about 80 miles from Chicago. I am presently pursuing Ph.D. in mathematics at UWM.
    • My profile page from UWM.