I am interested in geometric group theory, low dimensional topology. In the recent years I have studied Relatively hyperbolic groups, associated boundaries, \( \mathbb{R} \)-trees, Rips machine, JSJ decompositions, Dehn fillings and similar objects at the confluence of geometry and topology.


  • Local connectedness of boundaries for relatively hyperbolic groups, (with Chris Hruska). To Appear in Journal of TopologyarXiv:2204.02463
  • Connectedness of Bowditch Boundary of Dehn Fillings. arXiv:2209.08390

Current Projects

Presently I am interested in the following problem:

Let \( (G, \mathbb{P} ) \) be a relatively hyperbolic group pair. Is it possible to embed (quasi-isometrically), the hyperbolic plane in \( G \) ?