Academic Program

Admission and Eligibility

Presently, I take only 5 students every year. In 2017, I am already working with 3.

If you are exceptionally interested in mathematics, both of us will find our classes enjoyable. That is the eligibility criterion.


Typically I work with Math Olympiad candidates. There is a separate intense series of lectures for college students who are interested in research calibre mathematics.


Since all classes are one-on-one, class hours are typically flexible. We meet for 4 hours every week. There are some vacations. during an academic year.

What happens in a class

  • The larger portion of a class happens according to a planned teaching schedule. See an example here. It includes conceptual discussion and practice problems.
  • A shorter section of a session is devoted to Math Circle style problem-solving. Beginners are exposed to mathematical games (similar to the works of Martin Gardner or Yakov Perelman). This may also include origami, programming or usage of mathematical computation software such as SAGE.
  • In a two hour session, we tend to take a short 5 to 7-minute break every 45 minutes. This allows the brain to reset the focus.
  • Every other session is followed up by a problem packet (homework). Students are asked to solve these problems at home. This homework is partially graded and partially tested through occasional tests.
  • I am readily available through e-mail, skype and WhatsApp.

Suggestion regarding class and curriculum

I am open to suggestions related to curriculum and teaching style from parents. However, after taking these suggestions into careful consideration, I work according to the methods that I deem fit for the student.


  • USD 3220 for 140 hours spread over one year (@ $23 per hour)
  • There is no option for partial payment or installment payment
  • After one year of work, if the student proves his/her seriousness, the admission will be renewed (possibly with a different fee structure)

What my students say: Testimonials.