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  • How to teach mathematics : an experiment with triangular numbers and splitting of plane

    Mathematics is all about the beauty of patterns and their reasonable connections. How about connecting patterns from seemingly different domains of the subject? This is a note borne out of a Geometry workshop at Cheenta where we tried exactly that. The audience comprised of 9 to 11 years old students. The purpose of this note…

  • About the ‘Creative Math’ Project

    About the ‘Creative Math’ Project

    Creative Math project is an attempt to create books and resources useful for children who have an inclination for mathematics. It introduces non-routine math, olympiad styled problems in an interdisciplinary style.

  • A mathematician’s bookshelf

    A mathematician’s bookshelf

    A mathematician’s bookshelf is probably more informative than his resume. The idea of ‘book’ has been recently challenged by the advent of technology. Outstanding authors such as Hatcher (of ‘Algebraic Topology’ fame) prefers to keep an electronic copy of his book. This electronic copy is updated from time to time.

  • Some Beautiful Books

    Straight Lines and Curves by Vasiliyev N. B. Vasilyev was the chief architect of Mathematical Olympiads in Soviet Union. This gem from erstwhile Soviet Union’s publication, explores loci of points in plane and space. The entire discussion is aided by geometric intuition. The authors occasionally use algebraic tools to augment the ideas. The holistic nature…