The invariant measure (reading / replicating parts of the paper by Levitt)

From K to L \( \mathcal{K} = \{\phi_i :A_i \to B_i \}_{i=1, … , k} \) be a non-nesting closed system on a finite tree with at least one infinite orbit. Non nesting forces a special structure for the set of finite regular \( \mathcal{K} \) – orbits Union of all finite regular orbits = […]

Dunwoody’s accessibility theorem – Talk Day 4

This is a personal musing. Possible errors, uncredited excerpts lie ahead. We constructed sequence of equivariant maps \(f_k\) from the universal cover \( \tilde {X} \) to the sequence of refinements \(T_k\). The construction was complete up to the 1-skeleton. We want to extend the maps to 2-skeleton in a certain way. To motivate the […]

Cut points in Bowditch Boundary of Relatively hyperbolic groups 2

Understanding Swenson (large excerpt.. some diagrams .. some remarks). Please be cautious. Potentially wrong remarks lie ahead. Continuum A continuum is a compact connected Hausdorff space. Cut Point In a continuum Z, \( c \in Z \) is a cut point if \( Z = A \cup B \) where A and B are non-singleton continua and \( A \cap B = \{c\} \). If in addition \( D \subset […]

Cut points in Bowditch Boundary of Relatively hyperbolic groups 1

This document is a personal musing. It has many excerpts without credit, potentially false claims, and misquotes. If some cosmic accident has lead you to this page, then take a deep breath and assume caution. If you are worried about copyright infringement, kindly let me know. I will modify the document. B.H. Bowditch thought about […]

A survey of relative Dunwoody’s accessibility theorem

Motivation This is not (even remotely) an original work. For example it contains large excerpts from a variety of papers (often without reference). More importantly beware! What follows may contain outrageously false statements. This was created for an in-class presentation while the author was exploring these ideas for the first time.. Consider a group G […]